Automatic Withdrawal

You can easily make your payments on a regular basis with our Automatic Withdrawal options for both the campaign or regular giving. 

Many of our parishioners have moved to Automatic Withdrawal for their weekly/monthly giving.  One of the key benefits to an electronic giving program for both the church and the contributor is convenience. In fact, the convenience factor is the primary reason cited by individuals who have elected to pay recurring bills by EFT. The same rationale is true for parishioners electing to support their church by an EFT contribution.  


The other key benefit for the parish is the consistency, cultivating more regular givers and a regular flow of income. You can change or cancel your giving through EFT at anytime, so you do not have to worry about changes in circumstances.

Download the EFT form for regular giving here  or the EFT form for the "Seeing the Present, Building the Future" campaign here.