Funerals at St. Patrick's and St. Joseph's Parishes are scheduled through the funeral home of your choice.  Your funeral director will call the parish to confirm your desired date and time for the Vigil Service and Funeral Mass. A priest will be assigned based on availability unless you request a specific priest. 


The funeral planning process can seem to be overwhelming since there are many decisions needing to be made, in the midst of grieving the death of your loved one. You may have thought about some of these decisions while you may have never dreamed of others. We at St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s Parish want to walk with you in the decision-making process.


We recognize the importance of making the services personal and reflective of your loved one’s life. We also recognize the importance of the Church’s ritual prayer as it places focus on giving glory to God. These are the two principle guiding factors as we prepare the services. We will be honest with you in what we can do in the funeral liturgies and how special requests from you can best be accommodated. We appreciate your respect as we work with you in meeting requests.


Let us share together in the hope of the Resurrection for all who die in Christ. Please feel free to contact Fr. Starman if you have any questions or need assistance. You may reach him at (402) 336-1602 or after office hours and weekends at (402) 336-5481.

In addition, St. Patrick's Altar Society provides the opportunity for a funeral dinner. Betty Boetcher, can be contacted by calling (402) 336 3741.