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Job Posting for Coordinator of Youth Catechesis & Evangelization

The Coordinator of Youth Evangelization and Catechesis will be responsible for developing and overseeing a parish-based pastoral ministry with young people, grade school through high school, in both St. Patrick O’Neill and St. Joseph Amelia Parishes. This program provides formal catechesis, as well as inviting and enabling youth to develop and deepen a personal relationship with God. The Coordinator will maintain close communication with and develop mutual support from families of youth, recruit and sustain adult leadership, and collaborate with other parish and community organizations to build relationships and offer opportunities. The program will coordinate with parish efforts to form disciples who serve God and one another.

The Coordinator of Youth Evangelization and Catechesis reports directly to the pastor and works in close relation with other parish staff members.


· Coordinate the recruitment, training, support, and evaluation of volunteers in the program.

· Develop a systematic and intentional plan for long-term catechesis that utilizes a creative variety of formats, settings, and time frames.

· Coordinate and ensure that preparation for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation are taking place according to Archdiocesan guidelines.

· Provide resources (print, video, online, etc.) for effective programming implementation.

· Provide appropriate training for young people placed in leadership positions.

· Foster the involvement of young people in the life of the parish in various ministerial roles and activities. (EMHC, Server, Lector, etc.)

· Encourage long-term commitment to spiritual growth and involvement with the Church, including connections to post high-school resources.

· Serve as the liaison with the Archdiocesan Office of Catechesis & Youth Ministry and their programs, services, and resources.

· Maintain policies and record compliance with the Archdiocese of Omaha Safeguarding All God’s Children program (Safe Environment).

· Be a presence in the parish community through its liturgical and social activities.

· Promote and develop public relations within and parish and community.

· Regularly communicate with parents and parishioners.

· Maintain necessary office and program records.

· Submit periodic reports, as requested by the pastor.

· Plan, coordinate, and implement retreats, mission trips, youth rallies, and other activities beneficial to youth development.

· Develop fundraising efforts in coordination with Director of Development to financially support youth programs.

· All other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

· Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education or Theology. Preferred background in theology, educational methodologies, or experience in youth ministry with a willingness to continued development of such skills.

· Practicing Catholic in full communion to participate in the sacraments of the Church.

Send cover letter, resume and references to Rev. Bernard G. Starman, Pastor at or the mailing address above.

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