Planned Giving


We appreciate gifts of any size, and all gifts to St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s are welcome and a very important part of the continued viability of our parish and school.

Gifts can be made by cash, check, or automatic withdrawal. You are welcome to make gifts monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, or a one-time gift.


Please consider direct donation, appreciated stocks and bonds, bequests, charitable remainder trusts and life insurance for the future of St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s.  To receive more information please call Fr. Starman or Jennifer Wallwey at (402) 336-1602.


Planned Gift


  • A “Planned Gift” implies that you study your finances over a period of time and plan a gift that will benefit you and your loved ones as well as the Parish of St. Patrick’s Church and the students of St. Mary’s School. A planned gift, depending on its kind, provides a number of financial benefits to the donor:

    • Reduction of estate, income and capital gains taxes

    • Lifetime income

    • Partial tax free income


It is always a good idea for you to consult with your tax and/or financial advisors before making a gift.


Ways to Give a “Planned Gift”


  • Ag Commodities Gifts: One of the most beneficial gifts for both the giver and the parish/school is a gift of Ag Commodities.  With a gift of Ag Commodities, the giver is not required to recognize the sale of the gifted grain or livestock as income, and all expenses in the production of that grain or animal(s) can be written off for tax purposes. 


  • Gifts of Land: St. Patrick's and St. Mary's are so fortunate to be located within north-central rural Nebraska.  In this largely farm-based community, there is an abundance of land.  Landowners are asked to consider two possibilities when it comes to donating land to St. Patrick's or St. Mary's.  The first retains ownership of the land by the donor, while providing the income from that land as a yearly gift to our foundations or endowments.  The second option involves bequesting the land to St. Patrick's or St. Mary's in your will, while retaining ownership during your lifetime.


  • Cash: The most straightforward of gifts made in currency or with a check or money order.  (Fully deductible on Federal Tax return, up to 50% of adjusted gross income. Proper planning could result in full deduction.)


  • Securities: Appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities. (Tax advantages when you have held securities for more than one year and if you donate them before they are sold.)


  • Bequests: A gift by “will” with a specific bequest (particular item), general bequest (naming the dollar amount) or residuary bequest of estate. The full amount is deductible from your taxable estate.


  • Life Insurance: Name St. Mary’s or St. Patrick’s as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy (you may receive an immediate charitable contribution deduction).


  • Financial Accounts: Arrange to designate St. Patrick’s or St. Mary’s as a beneficiary for a CD, savings account, retirement account, etc.


  • Charitable Gift Annuity: You irrevocably transfer an asset to St. Patrick’s or St. Mary’s and the Parish or School makes guaranteed, fixed annual payments to you for life, a set percentage of the value of the asset. When you pass away, the remaining value of the gift is used by St. Patrick’s or St. Mary’s. (Payments are fixed and guaranteed; a part of the annual payment might be tax free.) Your tax/financial advisors are your best resources for assisting you with a “Planned Gift.”


  • Matching Gifts: Hundreds of companies offer “Matching Gifts” to schools and parishes. When you make a gift to St. Mary’s or St. Patrick’s your company matches the gift, 1 to 1, 2 to 1, or 3 to 1. All you do is ask your company if it has a “Matching Gift” policy and if so, fill out the necessary form and attach it to your gift. Examples of companies that currently run “Matching Gifts” programs include: First Data, Microsoft Matching Gifts Program, Mutual of Omaha, Union Pacific Corporation and Western Union Foundation.


  • Memorials: Memorials may be made to St. Patrick’s or St. Mary’s Development, or St. Patrick’s or St. Mary’s Foundation. Memorials may be made in honor or in memory of anyone. It does not just need to be alumni or parishioners.


  • Wish List: new computers, new playground equipment, science lab materials, art room supplies, ipads